Common PPC campaign flaws that harm your online business

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be a very effective advertising tool, but it can also be a very expensive lesson when it handled incorrectly.

Pay Per Click campaigns must be properly implemented and tracked in order to generate the best results. Avoid these common flaws when setting up your PPC campaign,

Wrong Keywords:
The biggest mistake you can make in your PPC campaign is not using the right keywords. This is not only ineffective, it requires large amount of money to develop a campaign around the wrong keywords. To avoid this mistake, spend sufficient time and effort in keyword research to determine the best keywords before you begin your pay per click campaign. Make use of online keyword research tools, such as, Google Adwords or if you consider investing in one of the keyword marketing tools then you can buy. Use long tail keywords because these kind of keywords will cost you less, as well as driving qualified traffic.

Setting And Forgetting:
This is not a static form of advertising and it requires constant monitoring and analysis. The dropping traffic, letting down of conversion rates, or increasing bounce rates are all signs that something needs to be done to revive your campaign, and now. Do not focus only on the number of clicks, instead of that examine the ratio of clicks to sales. Consider using split testing for finding what type of ad produces the best results. Update your keywords as necessary. Try writing new copy or changing the landing page. Learn how to use the statistics given on the back end in order to determine what needs to be changed. Even small changes may result in a much better return on your investment.

Poor Landing Page:
A decent landing page is a key factor in sales conversions. There may be many different styles of pages, and going into great detail may create an efficient landing page, but basically organized layout, proper use of graphics, getting your message across clearly and no frames are the main components to a quality landing page. When using PPC campaign management software Google really takes the content of your site as a main factor. Whatever keywords you are advertising, you must have them on your page. Not only will the searcher identify your page with the relevant information,and Google also will reward you with a better quality score which can mean higher rankings, cheaper minimum bids and they can shave the cost of the clicks down from what you have bid. Google rewards relevancy and PPC campaign builder is no exception.

Bidding Too Low:
Bidding too low might leave you buried at the bottom of the pack getting little exposure. If the visitors interested in your products, they will typically keep searching after they have left your website and compare you to your competitors. If they have forgotten the name of your website, they will most likely do another search to find you again, if you are not on the first page they may not dig to the other pages for you even if they found you on the 3rd page originally, they may not be willing to do it again people get tired of comparing prices and searching after a while and burying yourself may save you money in bids but can also cost you a lot in sales.

PPC is always an effective method to take your product to the people if the above mentioned mistakes are avoided with proper management over the campaign. Avoid the mistakes and enjoy the features of the PPC and I hope this article saves people from losing their money by making some flaws in their PPC campaign.

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