A day in Class at California ESL - Language Academy.

Written by Janine K. a former student of California ESL - Language Academy

I studied English part-time at California ESL for 4 weeks. I studied 12 hours every week in the morning. We were a small group so I learned a lot and had to speak very often which was my biggest issue before I started the course.
I liked that every day in class was divided in 4 parts- listening, reading, writing and talking. Normally we started with checking our homework, for example a short story about “What was your favorite vacation destination and why?!” Correction always meant that Harriet, my English teacher, took a look over every essay to find mistakes in spelling. After this we read our essays to learn how to pronounce every word in the right American English way. After the writing, reading and listening part my favorite part of the lessons came- the talking. It was my favorite part because Harriet made it very interesting. We played Scrabble or Hangman, or just made riddles. We talked very, very much and this helped me to become more self-confident in talking and listening. Harriet was a very patient teacher and tried to make the lessons as a fun and educational experience.
I also loved that we didn’t just learn in the classroom and just with books. We watched movies which fit to our schedule, went for lunch together and played games. I never just felt like a normal student.
I liked the school and the class so much, that I asked Alissa, the owner, to become her intern. Now I am an intern at California ESL and try to help other students and the staff. And I still love it!