Casart Coverings Makes their TV Debut

George to the Rescue transforms a NYC teacher's room with Casart

05.18.11 - Casartr Covering's very own Birds & Birch transformed the humble apartment of a deserving first-grade teacher who dedicates her life to her students. Although Sandy Grohsilcht successfully overcame endometrial cancer, the treatments left her unable to have children. Now, Sandy devotes all her time, energy, and money to her students, leaving little time for herself and her apartment void of any warm, personal feeling. Her sister, Deborah, called into the show, "George to the Rescue", an NBC network New York affiliate show, because she felt as though her sister deserved a nicer space to come home to for all the work that she constantly puts into helping others. George Oliphant, the host of the show, chooses from thousands of letters of people with intriguing stories who are deserving of a home makeover, but lack the capabilities and money. With celebrity designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet, Sandy's apartment underwent a dramatic transformation in just a short amount of time. To help her bedroom become a comfortable sanctuary, the Birds and Birch Casart was added to the wall by her bed with undertones of brown and black in her bedding to complement the birds and colors in the pattern. This wallcovering is repositionable and reusable, perfect for when Sandy is ready to move out of her apartment and wants to take the familiarity of her bedroom with her.

Casart Coverings Reinvents the Art of Interior Wall Design
Custom, removable, designer wallcoverings offer new hassle-free design

03.31.2011- Imagine changing the color or design of your walls as fast as you switch the linens on your bed: that's the vision for Casartr Coverings. This removable, custom, designer wallcovering company has transformed conventional wallpaper and decorative painting into a new hassle-free design accessory with unprecedented flexibility and style.

Casart Coverings (pronounced "Caz-art") means "art for the home" and offers the look and feel of traditional decorative finishes and modern wallcovering designs on an adhesive vinyl canvas that can be easily repositioned, removed and even reused. The result is a wallcovering that works like a changeable slipcover for your wall, allowing designers, home owners and renters to transform their rooms as often as they like, any way they desire.

Casart provides homeowners and designers new, creative ways to use wallcoverings to transform any room. Without sacrificing the design sensibility and hand-painted quality of conventional wall finishes, this innovation offers a cost-effective solution with the long-term value of reuse as seasons, needs or design whims change. The average cost for Casart wallcoverings is approximately $8 - $10 per square foot, which can be less than half the cost of traditional, single-use wallpaper. Casart also provides an easy-to-install alternative to the hassle, mess, and long hours associated with painting or traditional wallpaper.

Original designs are created by decorative painter and illustrator Ashley Spencer to "feel at home" within a room, enhancing its design. The range of available styles is wide and varied, inspired by historic decorative arts and modern design. Classic decorative and faux wall finishes offer beautiful backdrops to any décor, including: colorwash and faux-padded harlequin paint techniques, organic faux bois (wood) and raw-silk, murals and tromp l'oeil elements. Modern prints and patterns look current and echo the random nature and custom quality of figurative art work that cannot be found in commercial print wallpapers.

Each decorative finish can be custom matched to most any Benjamin Moore or other paint color via Pantone print inks. Murals can also be customized to the purchaser's size requirements and décor. Custom commissioned finishes and murals as well as artistic photography are also available.

There are currently more than 77 available designs in the collection and personal photos can also be submitted for a custom Casart wallcovering. New designs are introduced seasonally.

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