Conventional Approaches to Software Development and Testing is Hampering Business Growth as IT Staff Miss Deadlines

More than 70% of UK respondents claim that key customer facing applications are being delivered late due to out-dated software dev. methods

Datchet – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the results of the ‘Business Benefits of Service Virtualization’ study in which 71% of UK respondents report that conventional approaches to software development and testing means new customer facing applications are delayed.

This initial independent study of 301 in-house software development managers in enterprises  across the UK, France and Germany reveals that more than half (56%) of UK developers reported that their IT department’s reputation had been tarnished because of issues relating to out-dated application development and testing methods. As a result, almost half of all UK respondents (48%) are already looking to move towards cloud-based development environments and 46% to agile development methods.

“Today’s software developers are frustrated by the limitations of conventional software development and testing methods. As highlighted in the ‘Business Benefits of Service Virtualization’ Study, in-house software development and testing teams in the UK are expected to deliver 7.1 releases a year with 70% of them expecting the functionality of releases to increase this year compared to last,” explained Justin Vaughan-Brown, Strategic Relationships Director EMEA - Service Virtualization, CA Technologies.

This puts increased pressure on IT departments to deliver more complex applications despite the limitations of traditional development environments.

Service Virtualization specifically addresses these challenges and is better aligned to meet the needs of the modern enterprise that expects high quality applications to be delivered on time and on budget. Service Virtualization enables teams to develop and test an application using a virtual service environment that has been configured to imitate a real production environment, while providing the ability to change the behaviour and data of these virtual services easily in order to validate different scenarios," continues Vaughan-Brown. (watch video summary)

According to this study, UK enterprises are worse off compared to France and Germany when it comes to application development and testing issues relating to cost, quality and time to market. The greatest concerns highlighted were:

• 59% of UK respondents cited quality and time-to-market on integration testing as a major challenge 
• 41% had issues with performance testing compared 
• 32% expressed concerns with regression testing 

This suggests earlier testing - when bugs are easier and cheaper to fix – is not as effective as it could be, and testing at later stages in the software lifecycle, such as integration and performance testphases, is more costly and causes significant application release delays. (see info-graphics and supporting charts)

Outdated application development and testing is having a major impact on UK enterprises with 76% of respondents citingloss of reputation in the market as a major concern. Furthermore 67% were worried about reduced application functionality negatively impacting customer experience.

Service Virtualization (SV) is a capability that enables businesses to remove constraints from the software development lifecycleto achieve faster time to market. The main benefit is that teams are able to develop and test an application using a virtual infrastructure that captures and simulates the behaviour, data and performance characteristics of system dependencies in a real production environment.

All three hundred and one respondents surveyed from the UK, France and Germany agreed that by eliminating these constraints there would be a positive impact on businesses growth. In addition 80% would see an improvement in customer satisfaction, it would help 77% of them to reduce costs and 73% said that they would see an improvement in their market reputation.

To download the CA Technologies ‘Business Benefits of Service Virtualization’ Study and read how the UK compares to France and Germany please visit the landing page or

About the Research Methodology

CA Technologies commissioned independent specialist technology market research company Coleman Parkes to undertake this initial research upon which thestudy is based. 301 interviews were conducted during summer 2012 amongst 301 in-house software development managers from large enterprises with revenues of more than USD 1 billion or equivalent in the UK, France and Germany.

About Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization allows organizations to remove constraints from the software development lifecycle. It enables teams to develop and test an application using a virtual service environment that has been configured to imitate a real production environment, while providing the ability to change the variables easily in order to test different scenarios.


For today’s competitive business, time-to-market and successful customer outcomes are critical to success. TheCA LISA product suite, from ITKO, a CA company, simulates constrained or unavailable systems conventional virtualization cannot touch.CA LISA helps eliminate delays, costs and risks imposed by dependent IT resources for development and testing. Using CA LISA, multiple teams develop in parallel, better manage test data and scenarios, and reduce the number of live environments required. This approach reduces costs and risks, release cycle times, and expensive lab hardware and software requirements while delivering critical functionality to customers faster.

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