Oni Launches New Cloud Services for Enterprises Using CA Technologies Cloud Platform

The Portuguese Telecom and IT group Will Reduce Time to Market for New Services With the CA AppLogicr Platform

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ISLANDIA, N.Y. and LISBON, PORTUGAL, March 13, 2012 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced that Oni, the Portuguese telecom and IT group, has signed an agreement to use the CA AppLogic® cloud computing platform to deliver the benefits of cloud-based services to the enterprise market in Portugal.


Oni focuses exclusively on serving large enterprises. In today’s fast moving environment, these customers need to launch business services quickly each time their competitive landscape changes. Instead of ordering new servers, assembling the necessary components, and configuring the various hardware and services, Oni will use the CA AppLogic platform to quickly deploy IT infrastructure and services for customers in hours instead of months.


Using the platform’s simple drag and drop interface, Oni can rapidly build new cloud services for customers, thereby helping them to decrease time-to-market, and giving them the flexibility to respond to new market opportunities. With the CA AppLogic platform, customers will only pay for what they consume, and when the business service is no longer needed, it can be shut down without disposing physical hardware, driving cost efficiencies. 


“The CA AppLogic platform is a unique, turnkey solution that addresses the disruptive nature of cloud computing. By selecting this platform, we will be able to help our large enterprise customers reap the full benefits of cloud services,” said Miguel Allen Lima, chief executive officer of Knewon, the IT company of Oni Group.  “We chose this platform based on its fast deployment capabilities and for its ability to support IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Now, we will be able to rapidly deliver cloud services in a cost-effective way, without expanding our IT staff or making large physical infrastructure investments. This solution is truly an IT performance accelerator. Our new mantra is: ‘think of hours instead of weeks or months.’”


Oni benefits from CA Technologies Business Service Innovation approach, which will enable the company to deliver business services more quickly and allow its enterprise customers to capitalize on disruptive and innovative trends in IT.


“Oni’s new cloud offering built on our platform will clearly help shorten the time and costs associated with launching new cloud-based business services,” said Pedro Ligero, vice president of Area Sales for Iberia, CA Technologies. “With the CA AppLogic platform, Oni is expanding its broad set of offerings and helping its large enterprise customers to drive innovation and create new opportunities for competitive advantage.”  


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About Oni Group

Oni Group is a leading Portuguese telecommunications and information technology group focused exclusively on serving large corporations. Made up of three main companies – Oni Communications, Hubgrade and Knewon – it offers a global portfolio of integrated telecommunications, including voice, data, and Internet services, and IT and networking solutions to corporate clients and public institutions. In Europe, Oni is a new operator that has gained the highest market share value – more than 20% – in the corporate and carriers segments. For more information, visit http://www.oni.pt/.


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