Personal Branding Expert J.W. Dicks Shares Steps For Business Owners To Increase Credibility

JW Dicks
JW Dicks
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    JW Dicks
JW Dicks, Founder of Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency, a Personal Branding company, shares five steps to help business owners boost their credibility.

Orlando, FL – June 23, 2012
- J.W. Dicks, Founder of Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency®, a Personal Branding company, recently published a blog on his website ( discussing personal branding and credibility. The blog, titled “Five Steps to Take Your Credibility Through the Roof” offers five practical steps for business owners.

J.W. Dicks writes, “The simple truth is that customers prefer to work with an expert. Think about it—if you’re getting serious about saving for retirement, who would you trust to manage your portfolio: a nationally recognized expert, or a generic local planner. Of course, you’ll choose the expert—and you’ll pay more for him or her!”

Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency® specializes in Personal Branding. They help clients to elevate their recognition and credibility in their business or professional niche.

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About J.W. Dicks:

JW Dicks, is America’s foremost expert on personal branding for business development and the business agent to top Celebrity Experts. He is an advisor to clients internationally and has created business development and marketing campaigns that have produced sales of over a billion dollars in products and services. He is a Best Selling author with over 24 business books to his credit and has co-authored with Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins, Dr. Ivan Misner and Mari Smith.

JW is called the “Expert to the Experts” and has appeared and been quoted in such national media as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur,, CNBC.Com, and Fortune Small business. His television appearances include ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate stations around the country. He is the resident branding expert for Fast Company’s internationally syndicated blog and is the editor and publisher of Celebrity Expert Insider, a monthly newsletter to experts worldwide. He produces and syndicates a line of franchised business television shows and received an Emmy nomination as Executive Producer of the documentary film Jacob’s Turn.  •  800.980.1626