Three day conference to feature 22 workshops designed to help participants make the transition to the new media of contemporary publishing.

BURLINGTON, VT – On June 1-3, the Champlain College Publishing Initiative, the college’s unique undergraduate publishing project, will host a highly original on-campus publishing conference.

Designed to help attendees with the transition from traditional print media to the emerging digital media, the three-day event is called The Big Reveal: the Champlain College Interactive Publishing Institute and New Media Rodeo.

“Everyone involved in writing, editing, and publishing is caught in a storm of change,” said Tim Brookes, director of the College’s Professional Writing program and founder of the Champlain College Publishing Initiative.
“Those with print-era skills—the very people who have been the backbone of publishing—feel trapped and anxious. Where is the industry going, and what does it mean for you? Is this a time of crisis, or of opportunity? And if it is, as we believe, a time of unparalleled opportunity, how can you adapt to take advantage of these emerging opportunities? Which traditional practices are still vital? Which of all the confusing and high tech New Media skills and approaches are worth learning?”

The event will offer more than 20 workshops (many run by Champlain College Publishing students) on cutting-edge subjects such as website creation for writers and publishers, video blogging, eBook creation, and video book trailers.

"We're aiming to teach and coach people in the skills that they need to have going forth into the future of publishing and new media,” explained Allison Neal, the managing editor of Champlain College Publishing, who herself graduated with a professional writing degree from Champlain College only a year ago.

The Rodeo will also be a unique interactive exercise in engaging the collective experience and intelligence of everyone present. On top of the hands-on workshops and presentations, there will be a Brainstorm Room where attendees are encouraged to go and discuss or contemplate what they are learning or spend some time talking about their projects with Champlain College Publishing staff at the Consult-a-Publishing-Strategist station. There will also be contests including a scavenger hunt and a book elevator pitch, where contestants pitch their book idea in 90-seconds to a “big name publisher” in a mock elevator. The winner of the elevator pitch gets an individual publishing consultation from Champlain College Publishing. Many of these fun activities incorporate lessons and topics from the workshops as well as build valuable skills.

“The conference is one big think-tank,” Neal continued. “There will be a mass of creative minds whirling around at top speed over those three days, and that collaboration is going to bring about new ideas and solutions that no one has begun to conceive of yet.”

The event has already attracted considerable interest among publishers and journalists who are struggling to understand how to transition to new forms of media. The group that may have most to gain, though, are writers who are considering self-publishing.

“Every week we’re contacted by people, from both on campus and out in the community, who want to know if self-publishing will work for them,” added Neal who regularly consults with would-be self-publishers. “We discuss what it really takes to self-publish and answer questions like: What skills do you need? What printer do you pick? Where and how do you sell your book?”

Champlain College Publishing Initiative

Champlain College Publishing was created in 2009 in order to engage as many Champlain College students as possible in the field of publishing, whether as writers, illustrators, editors, graphic designers, marketers, social media specialists, videographers, publicists, accountants, or webmasters.

Since then, more than 250 Champlain students from seven different majors have collaborated with clients from both on and off campus to help create more than 20 published projects: printed books, blogs, eBooks, interactive Web entities, and video book trailers.

“Champlain Publishing has been outside the boundaries of the industry since we started,” Neal said, “and for those three days in June, we're dragging everyone we can out there with us. It's a brave new exciting interactive world, and it's only getting better."

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The Big Reveal: the Champlain Interactive Publishing Institute and New Media Rodeo, will run from June 1-3, on the picturesque Champlain College campus in Burlington, Vermont. It will feature 22 workshops designed to help participants make the transition to the new media of contemporary publishing. To learn more about the conference or to register, visit

To learn more about Champlain College Publishing, visit or contact Allison Neal at