The Center Invites Local Community to Show Support for Arts for Children with a Limited Edition Brighton Bracelet

CHANDLER, AZ – [June 6, 2012] –  Advocates of keeping the arts in the lives of children in Arizona have a special way to show their support this summer, with the announcement of a limited edition bracelet, made to benefit the Connecting Kidz program at Chandler Center for the Arts.  Each year at locations of the popular jewelry, handbags and accessories store across America, a charity or other non-profit organization is chosen as a partner for the production and sale of the Americana Bracelet.  With roots deeply planted in arts outreach for children, evident in programs such as Theatre Kidz, Chandler Center for the Arts was selected for the partnership, which began Friday, June 1st and will run through July 31st 2012.

In recognition of the dwindling availability of arts education for children, Brighton co-founder Jerry Kohl created the Brighton Loves America program; in efforts to assist those supporting the arts and making a difference in communities throughout the country.  The Americana Bracelet was inspired  by the passion of Mr. Kohl and designed to encourage kids in the arts and to celebrate the United States of America.

Chandler Center for the Arts provides an array of programmatic opportunities for youth to experience the magic of the arts through various Connecting Kidz programs.  These programs, including Music Theatre Summer Camps, Theatre Kidz, Vision Kidz and the Youth Advisory Council encompass every area of the arts, from visual arts to live performance arts.

It is because of Chandler Center for the Arts’ unyielding commitment to offering children a place to hone their artistic skills and foster their arts appreciation that they were chosen for this limited engagement with Brighton Chandler.  The cost of each bracelet is $48.00 and 50% of all proceeds from the Americana Bracelet sales will go directly to Connecting Kidz, in hopes of helping to sustain these vital activities for youth.

After almost a decade of charity support, the company’s 160 Brighton stores have collectively provided over $8 million in donations.

“We are honored and so appreciative of the opportunity Brighton has given to the Center,” says Katrina Papas, General Manager at Chandler Center for the Arts.  “The positive impact this will have on Connecting Kidz is tremendous and we are excited to offer a physical memento for our patrons and  fellow arts advocates to wear and keep for years to come.”

The limited edition piece is an I.D. style, zinc-based bracelet that features a Swarovski crystal American Flag design.  The bracelets are available for purchase now through July 31st in-store at Brighton Collectables inside Chandler Fashion Mall.  Customers who do not wish to travel to the store may fill out a Chart Funds form from Brighton to purchase a bracelet and have it shipped directly to the home, with only a $5 added fee.

Brighton Collectibles inside Chandler Mall is located at: 3111 W. Chandler Blvd, #1024, Chandler, AZ 85226.  The store is located on the lower level of the mall.  Shoppers can conveniently access Brighton Collectibles by parking in parking lot P1, outside of the Nordstrom department store.

Event: Brighton Americana Bracelet promotion for Connecting Kidz at CCA
Event Type: All ages
Date: June 1, 2012 – July 31, 2012
Cost: $48.00 per bracelet
Venue: Brighton Collectibles, Chandler Mall (lower level, 1B)
Venue Address: 3111 W. Chandler Blvd, #1024, Chandler, AZ 85226

Contact: Judi Johnson, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 480-782-2674?

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