China Modern Agriculture Fills Void Amongst High Quality Children's Milk Requirements

HARBIN, China -- China Modern Agriculture Inc. (OTCBB: CMCI), a high-tech livestock company specializing in the breeding of cows and calves, the production and sale of milk, the sale of organic fertilizer and promotion of agricultural information, today announced the collaboration with well known children's dairy processing companies.

Children's milk requires higher quality and safety precautions than customary milk products. China Modern has developed a high quality and nutrient rich milk source that has caught the attention of several well known and respected Heilongjiang dairy processing companies. At the 2011 China Youth Sports Development Forum held in Beijing, one of the Dairy Association of China's major topics of discussion was for the dairy industry to pay particular attention to children's dairy products. China Modern plants to work closely with leading enterprises to bring its high quality children's milk products to market in the near future.

Mr. Liu Enjia, Chairman of China Modern Agriculture, stated, "During the following six months, our intention is to produce approximately four thousand tons of fresh high quality children's milk. Based on the high demand for quality children's milk and the lack of supply currently in the marketplace, we expect the market price to increase sustainably compared to that of ordinary milk products. As it relates to our business, in the near term, we expect to generate 5% more revenue from the same tonnage of milk through children's products."