Blister packaging is becoming extremely popular with manufacturers

Blister packaging has actually grown in popularity amongst manufacturers as it offers high visibility of a product, which in turn can lead to higher point of purchase sales. Another important aspect is that it also helps in reducing the overall packing costs. Another reason for it growing in popularity is that it helps in reducing store losses due to increasing incidents of shoplifting. This is one of the top packaging services offered by packaging companies today. If you are looking for a firm to provide you with blister packaging services then you need to consider several options and aspects.

You need to broaden your horizon when searching for the right blister packaging company. Some of the packaging services that a blister packaging firm should offer include supplying you with a design and the company should have an in-house design team for this. The firm should be able to locally source different types of packaging materials apart from the final blister packaging assembly, which will guarantee the success of your product at a retail level.

One of the aspects that you need to look for in a blister packaging is the reputation. Packaging services firms that have been in the business for 15-20 years are the ideal choice as they know the industry in and out and have serviced different types of requirements. Check the client list and the list of retailers that the chosen firm has provided their services to.

A top-of-the-line blister packaging firm should be able to offer you the latest or current as well as relevant blister packaging alternatives. There are many packaging services firms that have a dedicated team of people who will ideally coordinate with you throughout the various processes of packaging. They will ensure that your product is packaged using the right material and has the necessary or relevant features.

There are different types of options available in blister packaging and some of the most commonly used include:

1. Face seal blister: This is a custom thermoformed PVC blister that is normally heat sealed to the front of the blister card
2. 2-piece blister: This type of blister packaging is also known as hinged clamshell blister packing. It consists of a front blister that will match with the rear blister and will capture the graphic card as well as your product in-between. All top packaging services firms offer this type of packaging. The front and the rear blisters are normally sealed using RF technology and this helps in securing the pack.
3. Trap blister: In this type of blister packaging, the flange of the thermoformed blister is normally trapped between the front as well as the rear blister card
4. Combination clamshell and blister: This type of blister packaging includes a hinged clamshell, which will encapsulate your product and is snap closed. There is a flange just around the clamshell, which is heat sealed to the blister card. This type of packaging services is used normally for products that require a recloseable feature.

Are you looking for a top-of-the-line blister packaging firm? Now you can also secure your products using blister packaging services.