CKE Restaurants Corporate Green Initiatives

Addendum to full press release

CKE Restaurants, Inc. has implemented company-wide environmental initiatives that are led by a cross-departmental team. The Green Team ensures that both the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands, corporate offices and franchisees, are collaborating on environmental projects and sharing their successes along the path to sustainability.

Some of the company-wide initiatives include:

â_¢ Paper products and food packaging items range from 5% to 80% post-consumer fiber;
â_¢ 100% recycled fiber carry out bags from post-industrial content will roll out to all restaurants in 2009;
â_¢ Used cooking oil at all restaurants is recycled for alternative fuel and other uses
â_¢ More than 4,000 tons of cardboard were recycled at Hardee's and Carl's Jr. units last year
â_¢ Restaurant and corporate office recycling programs include paper, plastic and metal recycling
â_¢ Ongoing electronic waste recycling programs
â_¢ Food scrap recycling programs in limited restaurants

â_¢ GPS and route-efficiency software currently used on truck fleet to ensure the most fuel efficient delivery of products to restaurants.
â_¢ ENERGY STAR equipment is used in all company-owned restaurants;
â_¢ Energy efficient lighting upgrades at corporate offices and throughout the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's systems.
â_¢ CFL lighting replacement at all company restaurants;
â_¢ HVAC thermostats and occupancy sensors are being installed for ongoing energy savings;
â_¢ Preventative maintenance programs at all company restaurants and corporate offices to maintain equipment at peak efficiency; reduces utility costs, extends equipment lifespan; minimizes downtime
â_¢ High solar reflective roofing materials have been installed at corporate offices and new restaurants to reduce cooling needs;
â_¢ Solar window film installed at some corporate offices to decrease the demand for cooling.
â_¢ LED exterior and interior signage at company-owned units use less electricity
â_¢ Electronic Document Delivery
- Paperless delivery of documents for annual shareholder information, Board of Directors meetings;
- Web-based, paperless operations and training manuals;
- electronic document delivery for all internal communications and contracting
- electronic delivery of paystubs to corporate employees;