Educating The Young To Influence The Adults About Carbon Monoxide

Clickafix join forces with CO-Gas Safety to run a poster competition to raise awareness in schools

last years competition winners
last years competition winners
  • last years competition winners
    last years competition winners
    last years competition winners
    last years competition winners

The ever increasing popular topic of Carbon Monoxide (CO) is once again at the forefront of the Click a Fix agenda.

    This time however, Click a Fix has adopted a new approach to tackle the matter. They have partnered with the charity CO-Gas Safety to publicise the annual CO-Gas Safety Schools Poster Competition, with its free entry and great cash prizes - the winning pupil receiving £300 pounds for themselves and £500 for their school. The aim of this is to introduce the children to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in the same manner as the schools introduce them to the dangers of Smoke.  CO Gas Safety is an independent registered charity, run almost entirely by volunteers and has been working to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide for the past 17 years. They are working to reduce the number of casualties caused by Carbon Monoxide and advising people in what to do in order to handle a situation involving the gas.

    Christopher McGowan, managing director of Click a Fix commented on the partnership and shared his reason why he wished to join in with the campaign.

“I am delighted that Click a Fix will be a part of this competition. I think it is a fantastic idea that not only educates the children on Carbon Monoxide, but it also allows them to excel creatively when they are designing their posters to spread the awareness. Also it can be largely successful at spreading the word to adults about
the dangers of Carbon Monoxide because parents take an active interest in what
their child has done at school and will listen to the information. To me personally, I want to involve the schools in the Hull and East Riding area. The level of understanding on Carbon Monoxide (CO) is poor and I feel this competition is a brilliant way to get them educated and aware. To be able to work with such an established Charity such as CO-Gas Safety is a great privilege and hopefully we will be able to finally get our shared message regarding Carbon Monoxide (CO) across and make a difference.”

    Stephanie Trotter OBE, president of the charity CO-Gas Safety also commented on the competition and the importance of establishing the awareness at a young age.

“Most people don’t even know what CO is, let alone how to prevent it. We have lobbied for prime time TV warnings about CO since 1995 but of course we can’t afford these. Our competition was inspired by Joanna Stoddart, who aged only five, rescued her family from a dangerous gas fire having seen a similar one on TV’s Casualty. If an exceptional five year old can absorb the information about CO and apply it, we are
confident that the average 10-11 year old will easily be able to. Also I think we all remember things we did at school that were concerned with real life and encouraged you to do things like draw a picture or make a model. Things you learn in this way at that age are never forgotten and we hope every pupil who enters will learn how to keep themselves and their families safe from CO. Best of all the competition is free to enter and the winner not only wins cash for himself or herself and the school but also has an all reasonable expenses day out to receive the prizes for the winner, parents and teachers at the House of Lords. We are very grateful to Click a Fix for working so hard to help us publicise this competition.”

Jules Hunt from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said:
“Although carbon monoxide is difficult to detect, there are sometimes indicators
that may suggest a fault with domestic appliances or flues. The signs of trouble are black sooty marks on the radiants – the clay bars above the gas flames – of gas fires, sooty marks on the wall around stoves, boilers or fires, and smoke accumulating in rooms due to faulty flues.

“In addition, yellow instead of blue flames from gas appliances is another sign that there may be a fault with the appliance -although this does not apply to ‘fuel-effect’, ‘living-flame’ or ‘decorative-flame’ gas fires as they are designed to look like flames from solid fuel appliances.

“If you see any of these signs, turn off the appliance, open your windows and have an appropriately registered engineer service the appliance as soon as possible. All home owners and landlords should have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in their property and have yearly service of appliances carried out by a certified engineer.”

With their combined incentive to raise awareness on a matter that can save lives, one can only support Click a Fix and CO-Gas Safety and their efforts. It is refreshing to see people unite through common causes to aid one another to reach their goal. The competition is a great way to get the ball rolling in schools and it will be interesting to see how they will develop this further.

For entry information contact Click a Fix:
or 01482 820155

Further information on Carbon Monoxide the ‘Silent Killer’ can be found on the websites of CO-Gas Safety, Click a Fix and Humberside Fire and Rescue.