Regular Boiler Services Can Be Your Saviour From The Carbon Monoxide Threat.

Ensuring that your boiler is in working order can help prevent life threatening CO incidents.

     Carbon Monoxide is a killer. One that can strike at any time and thanks to its undetectable qualities that cannot be detected by the human senses, any person could be in danger and would be none the wiser. However preventing it is very simple. One option is to invest in a Carbon Monoxide detector, which is recommended. Another option would to just simply make sure that the Boiler is serviced regularly. Carbon Monoxide is swift and lethal with a total of thirty deaths every year in the UK and over five hundred globally. The number of injuries due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning is well into the thousands. It is something that can be easily looked over, but is it really a risk worth taking? Safety and peace of mind is priceless!

    Carbon Monoxide usually originates from the boiler but it can also be created where ever gas is involved, such as fire places. It is recommended that the home owner should aim to get their boiler serviced at least once a year to be sure it is not a danger anyone, and also make sure that it is working as efficiently as possible. Boiler services do not cost a great deal but they do make all the difference!

   However a boiler can turn faulty at any time so the home owner should always be on the lookout for the warning signs of a faulty boiler. It can happen at any time and spotting the signs can make all the difference. If there are visible stains, soot or colouration on the boiler then this is a clear warning sign that there is a possible problem. If the colour of the flame in the appliance changes from blue to yellow or orange this means that Carbon monoxide is present and it should be it serviced immediately by a Gas-Safe certified professional.

    Another added benefit of having your boiler serviced is that it will prevent the need to have the boiler replaced because the problem would have been spotted during the service. In addition, a service will also make sure that the boiler is not wasting energy which can send energy bills soaring! These will save anyone a lot of money.

For more information regarding the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, Click a Fix offer a
downloadable online guide to Carbon Monoxide and the symptoms to look out for
in regards to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide will not wait for you to act and take action. Once you have succumbed to it, there is little you can do. So take the steps and protect yourself against
something easily preventable!