UltraLatch is Innovative Design for Any Residential, Commercial Setting

At NeoCon 2012, Booth 8-2078

Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
  • Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
    Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
    Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
    Soss UltraLatch, made in the USA, is available in eight stylish finishes.
PIONEER, Ohio, June 11, 2012 – The Soss® UltraLatch® is not your typical door handle. Combining a sleek design with a push-pull operation (to open or close), UltraLatch is a beautiful, functional addition to any interior space.
“We imagined a door handle that could be a dramatic design element in any setting, while also being easy to use,” explained Neil Marko, Soss UltraLatch president. UltraLatch fits the hand like a shifter in a sports car, with a fast action that opens and closes with a mere ½” of motion. The handle conforms to the shape of the hand, but opens just as easily with a push from a hip or arm. And it is at home in many design settings.

Residential Construction and Renovation
“Door handles are one of the few items in the home that are looked at and touched repeatedly every single day,” Marko said. “Homeowners can make a dramatic statement with UltraLatch. It is truly the most comfortable door hardware ever introduced.”

UltraLatch is well suited for new home construction, for homebuyers who want to make a personal statement. Available in eight finishes, UltraLatch blends well with a range of décor options and will give any home a luxurious feel.

Along with new construction, UltraLatch is a good choice for home renovation because it retrofits to most existing door cutouts. It is a simple yet impactful choice that can be ideal for aging-in-place renovations, while adding to resale values.

Healthcare Design
Within the healthcare industry, innovation is the key to success. The UltraLatch design offers comfort to the fingers and hands, while it reduces stress to wrists and arms by eliminating the need for rotation. UltraLatch is a great alternative to the bulky handles many facilities use, which are more paddle-shaped and can cause pinching between the door and handle. UltraLatch avoids pinching with a fast action open/close, and by leaving sufficient clearance between the knuckles and the door.

Hospitality Design
For hotels and other hospitality venues, UltraLatch is a simple, cost effective way to make a dramatic improvement to the guest experience. The addition of the UltraLatch can leave a lasting and positive impression within the suite environment, giving closet and bathroom doors a whole new look and feel and ease of use.

Commercial / Office Interiors
“Because everyone who visits an office uses the door handles, UltraLatch provides a lasting impression,” Marko said. UltraLatch was designed with commercial office buildings in mind, with its fresh, modern look and feel and an easy-to-grip design.

Disability focused Design
The UltraLatch is a great fit for the disabled or those who otherwise have trouble turning a traditional doorknob or lever. “UltraLatch is a godsend to those with hand or arm disabilities,” said Marko. UltraLatch is ADA compliant, and makes home navigation easy.

Soss UltraLatch recently partnered with Operation FINALLY HOME to provide door handles for the homes they build for returning wounded and disabled veterans. Operation FINALLY HOME, founded in 2005, is a non-partisan / non-profit organization that provides America’s wounded and disabled veterans, widows of the fallen and their families a home to call their own. The organization joins with local builders and suppliers to provide disabled service members a new home that is specially outfitted for their needs.

“We’re proud to provide the UltraLatch to such a worthwhile program to make a disabled veterans life a bit more convenient,” said Marko. 

Soss UltraLatch is one of the few door hardware products made in the U.S. Please visit Soss at NeoCon Booth #8-2078 to try one out and learn more.

About Soss: Founded in 1903 by Romanian immigrant Joe Soss, the company is best known for one of his first inventions – the Soss invisible hinge. The hinge has been used in some of the world’s most high profile properties, including the White House, Buckingham Palace, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Disneyland and Ritz-Carlton Hotels, as well as private homes and commercial buildings worldwide. The company also created the Soss UltraLatch, the revolutionary push-pull lever door handle for residential and commercial use. In addition, the company manufactures and distributes magnetic door stoops and holders, reinforcements for metal door applications, barrel hinges and quadrant hinges. For more information, visit www.soss.com.