Coastal Federal Credit Union Partners with Habitat Wake's 1000 Fans Campaign

Coastal Federal Credit Union has offered a unique challenge to Habitat for Humanity of Wake County via a 1,000 Fans Campaign. The local credit union will donated a $1,000 grant to Habitat Wake's affordable housing mission if the organization can reach 1,000 Fans on their Facebook page by the end of the year. Both organizations will promote the campaign using social media tools - status updates, e-mail newsletters, and Facebook messages asking their contacts to spread the word to their Facebook connections.

"We're trying to share information about the need for affordable housing in every way that we can," said Habitat Wake's Executive Director Kevin Campbell. "Facebook gives us access to a unique and diverse audience and helps us talk to people who may not be otherwise involved in the Habitat mission." 630 people have become "Fans" of the Habitat Wake Facebook page to date. These fans receive updates about affordable housing, home dedications, and Habitat Wake events on their own Facebook pages.

"The real hope," said Coastal's Joe Mecca, "is that the mission of Habitat becomes viral online, and that then translates into affordable houses for families and healthy neighborhoods in our community."