Employee Engagement is Not About Feelings

Engagement is more about doing than it is about feeling.

Tuesday Tip: [Engagement is not a feeling]

Has your organization ever implemented a “great place to work” initiative?  The theory being that you first make your employees happy, and then in turn they will work harder for you and productivity will rise.  Let’s face reality.  This. Doesn’t. Work.

Productivity is not about happiness, it’s about engagement.  Engagement is not a feeling.  Real engagement is about deliberate and demonstrative behaviors – in other words “doing.”  To instill such behaviors into your organization’s culture you must have the right framework in place to identify, monitor and publicly encourage engagement.

Build an Engagement Framework:

1) Identify it – know engagement when you see it. 

2) Monitor it – set goals and track employee engagement.

3) Encourage it – provide routine recognition for employees who are engaged.

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