Tuesday Tip:[Empowerment or Engagement? Why not both?]

Leading organizations have a dual focus

Empowerment or Engagement? Why not both?

A decade ago “empowerment” was a top buzzword and Human Resources Managers were searching high and low for the best methods to provide it to their employees.  What was being labeled as empowerment really only took the employees’ perspective into consideration.   What employees were actually asking for was the opportunity to make an impact, which from the organization’s point-of-view means to be “engaged.”

Today, leading organizations are dually focused on increasing engagement levels and empowering their employees to make a more direct impact on the bottom line.

What’s the difference?
Engagement – getting it done, on time, with impact on business goals.
Empowerment – provide the tools, the time, and the freedom to accomplish important tasks.

One tool leaders can use to provide both empowerment and engagement is called a Personal Action Register. When used correctly, the employees are given the necessary space and direction to be empowered and the organization gets an engaged employee through this empowerment.

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