Tuesday Tips: [How to Adapt to Multi-Gen Diverse Communication Styles]

Putting some structure into team communication will help leaders be more affective with their multi-generational teams.

Tuesday Tips: [How to Adapt to Multi-Gen Diverse Communication Styles]
With today's workforce being ever more diverse and spanning 4 distinct generations, leaders face the challenge of clearly communicating with their employees in a meaningful way.

The 4 Generations and what they expect with Communication
1) Mature - (65+)
- They follow the org chart and expect information to flow top-down.
2) Baby Boomers - (46 - 64)
- Expect less vertical structure, can be guarded when giving and receiving information.
3) Gen X - (31 - 45)
- Being more independent, they expect key information passed through a hub and spoke model.
4) Gen Y - (under 30)
- With far less need for structure, their fluid styles lean more toward an open, collaborative method for communication important information.

Leaders can adapt and overcome communication style differences by implementing standard, non-negotiable processes for meeting frequency, meeting structure, and communication flow.

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"Leading Multi-Generational Teams"
September 28th
By Managing Partner, Seth Davies
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