Metabolic Typing Expert Traci D. Mitchell Helps America Customize Fitness and Diet to their Body Type

New service individualizes which diet is best for your body

Traci D. Mitchell can tell you what you should be eating and what you shouldn't - and it may not be what you expect.

An expert in metabolic typing, Mitchell knows that weight loss isn't as simple as calories in, calories out. The speed of metabolism - the process by which the human body converts food into energy - varies among individuals. And since metabolic rates vary, the same brick of cheese or slice of pie can work different effects on different individuals.

"Healthy diets typically vary from low fat/moderate carbohydrate to high protein/higher fat (significantly cutting back on carb) and everything in between," writes Mitchell on her blog. "Some people do fantastic on traditional low fat diets, and some people do great on high protein diets that are higher in fat. When I say they do well, I mean they thrive - they're healthier. This is the crux of what I focus on - metabolic typing. . For those of us who want to shed a few pounds, there are foods we should eat and foods we should avoid, depending on our body type."

Mitchell uses a 150-point questionnaire to sort clients into nine general metabolic types. From the metabolic types findings, she created titles representing the most common body types, including Athletes, Apples, Babyfaces and Pears. For each type, certain foods or eating patterns will accelerate metabolism, while others will slow it down. Through telephone and e-mail consultation, Mitchell helps dieters - or anyone aspiring to healthier eating habits - understand which is which.

Mitchell also counsels clients on the importance of "clean eating." This has nothing to do with the five-second rule, and everything to do with ensuring people choose foods plucked from nature, free of unpronounceable (and unhealthy) additives.

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About Traci D. Mitchell:
Traci Mitchell is President of DM Nutrition & Fitness. She is a metabolic typing expert, clean eating guru and personal trainer living in Chicago. To learn more about Traci or to read in-depth advice on healthy living, nutrition and fitness, visit Traci's blog at or on Traci's Twitter stream or Facebook page.