VerveLife Announces RhymbaKid and RhymbaTween

First Customizable Music Stores That Allow Brands a Turnkey Way to Use Thousands of Family-Friendly Tunes as Promotional Rewards

Brands can now use music to reward children and tweens without worrying about explicit lyrics and risqué content.

VerveLife, a leading force in tech-driven music marketing, today launched the industry's first customizable children's and tween's promotional music stores, RhymbaKid and RhymbaTween. The stores allow marketers to offer age-appropriate music downloading and streaming, delivering peace of mind to parents concerned about what their children are hearing.

"The 62 million-strong group of U.S. tweens and kids wields $58 billion in annual spending power," said VerveLife CEO and President Victor Siegel. "We listened closely to our clients, identified an unmet need, and delivered the most innovative kid-friendly promotional music stores designed to help marketers reward kids and tweens for purchases and loyalty. This is the first rollout of several niche-focused promotional music stores, breaking new ground in the music marketing industry."

RhymbaKid offers more than 5,000 pre-licensed and curated tracks, from the hottest pop tunes to popular classics, all screened to ensure the language and subject matter are appropriate for the under-9 set. Artists include the Plain White T's, Verve Pipe, Justin Bieber, Jack Johnson, and Miranda Cosgrove, among many others. The site is designed in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

"RhymbaTween offers marketers an extensive library of tween-appropriate content that isn't objectionable to parents but still seen as cool to tweens," said Colleen Fahey, Chief Strategy Office of VerveLife. "Music is an important influencer of a tween's life so we wanted to provide a wide collection of clean tunes that lack worrisome lyrics but still include the brightest and most diverse musical acts around. The store does not include any music too babyish or childish for tween ears."

The RhymbaKid and RhymbaTween stores offer a turnkey marketing solution that can be up-and-running in days. To keep tracks fresh, new music is screened and updated weekly. Companies can customize interfaces to maintain brand consistency, or insert messaging between music tracks to increase brand interaction. Brands can also create radio stations and playlists by genre, mood or activity, providing an immersive consumer experience. It's the only single platform from which streaming, downloading, delivery, redemption, tracking and reporting can be handled.

"VerveLife understands how to use music in marketing better than anyone, which is why these stores represent the foundation of an entirely new business for us," said Siegel. "We already have the relationships in the music ecosystem, and when combined with our extensive resources and expertise we further become a leading source for brands wanting to use the power of music to reach consumers."

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