Samsung Galaxy, Take Note

Will the new Samsung Galaxy offer anything like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

One of the most popular mobiles on the market and without a doubt one of the most popular mobiles in the Samsung Galaxy Collection, the Samsung Galaxy Note. A unique, one of a kind phone that breaks the boundaries of Smartphones and goes one step further. 

With the new Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile soon to be announced the anticipation is growing and Samsung fans are eager to see what new and exciting features it will offer. 

Samsung have never been one to create mobiles that blend in with the crowd, they have always aimed for unique and different, like the Note. Far from anything ever seen before in a mobile the Note was no ordinary Smartphone, it pushed the boundaries of Smartphone and became more of Tablet with all of the qualities of a Mobile. 

The Note sported a huge 5.3 Inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen that offered the very best in viewing. Multimedia files come to life from the screen and sharing images and videos is more exciting than ever, while navigation was clean and simple and using this phone was even easier than you can imagine.

Another amazing feature that had never before been seen in a mobile was the Advanced Smart Pen, or the S Pen. Letting you personalise everything on your mobile, send personal messages with your very own writing on, add some fun to photos with your very own drawings, or draw, sketch, paint and write on the many facilities available. S Note lets you crete a lot of important things right on your mobile, from Notes to Diaries, Cards to Recipes, you name it. 

So will the new Samsung Galaxy offer anything like this? Will it bring something new and unique to the table or will it just offer more advance standard features of contract phones? Not long and every question we have will be answered.