Conxeo reports that five Division I universities, one NFL team and one NBA D-League team began utilizing PropertyPort in the second quarter of 2011 to manage their sponsorship sales programs. PropertyPort helps these properties track their sponsorship assets, create proposals and recap reports, manage their sponsor relationships with the built-in CRM system, continuously communicate with sponsors and others through the Communications Portal, and manage internal team communications and tasks with Workflow Management.

During the second quarter 2011, Conxeo welcomed Virginia Commonwealth University, Murray State University, DePaul University, University of California, Irvine, and Oral Roberts University. The Cleveland Browns joined the St. Louis Rams as the second NFL team to join the PropertyPort family. The Texas Legends, the D-League affiliate of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks have also started using PropertyPort.

Brad Barton, the Chief Executive Officer of Conxeo, said, "We are very excited about adding so many Division I universities to the PropertyPort system as well as breaking into the NBA D-League. Our clients have had great satisfaction with the easy-to-use system and are constantly giving us feedback on the new improvements we add into the system on a regular basis. We are finding more and more of our clients are using the Communications Portal to interact with sponsors, third parties and leagues. We are very proud to work with over 37 properties."

Kevin Moore, the Business Development Manager at Conxeo explained that "almost every prospective client I speak with is amazed at how simple and useful the PropertyPort tool is to their sponsorship program. The CRM portion of the system has been a strong draw for a lot of our clients."

About Conxeo

Conxeor is a cloud-based software solutions provider committed to helping businesses make better connections with their constituents through web-based process management solutions. Conxeo offers three web-based products: PropertyPort, Conxport and SponsorPort.

PropertyPort is a web-based solution that helps properties such as sports teams, fairs, and festivals manage their sponsorship assets and their sponsorship relationships. This software tracks assets such as signage, ticket backs, media placements, hospitality tents, allowing sponsorship sales teams to create proposals and recap reports and provides oversight reporting to sponsorship sales executives and management.

Conxport is a web-based solution that allows businesses to build and publish powerful web applications that collect data, streamline communications (internally and externally) and improve decision-making through collaboration.

SponsorPort enables businesses to easily manage incoming requests, unsolicited or welcome. This web-based software helps organizations manage incoming requests, distribute them to the responsible person or team within the organization, collaborate within and across teams, and respond to all requests.