Corporate Risk Solutions' NERC CIP Compliance Guide Addresses Version 4

CRSI's NERC CIP Compliance Guide includes guidance for Version 4

The recent announcement of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approving the final rule that updates certain reliability standards ( may have some utilities shaken up. This final rule approves the Version 4 CIP Reliability Standards submitted by the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC), and involves a change in the way Critical Assets are identified. These NERC CIP Reliability Standards provide a framework to identify and protect Critical Cyber Assets in association with Critical Assets that support the Bulk-Power System.

While those involved with NERC Compliance may be worried about what this means for previous version of the Standards, Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) has a solution to help lessen the blow. CRSI has produced an extensive, holistic NERC CIP Compliance Guide that includes guidance for Version 4 as approved by the NERC Board of Trustees.

CRSI’s NERC CIP Compliance Guide includes narration of each of the NERC CIP Requirements and supporting information to assist with comprehension and compliance. Not only does the Guide provide detailed information as to what documentation is needed per Requirement and Sub-Requirement and details additional evidence that must be provided during an audit to achieve compliance, but it also provides best practice recommendations and problem areas to avoid.

So far, CRSI has sold 160 Guides to utilities across all eight NERC Regions. Clients have been providing CRSI with great feedback about the functionality and features of the Compliance Guide. The Compliance Guide is designed for all members of the company. Those that will benefit most from the Guide are Subject Matter Experts, members of the internal Compliance Team, Senior Executives, Management, employees dealing directly with NERC CIP on a daily basis. The Guide is designed as a reference source for all NERC CIP compliance questions.

 For future versions of the Guide, a significant discount will be offered only to those who have previously purchased the first edition.  It is intended that in future versions (Version 5), the Guide will be offered in a web format so it can operate within an Intranet platform for which a subscription service from CRSI will maintain the currency of and provide enhancements to the Guide and supporting templates. Significant discounts will also be offered for the web format only to those who have previously purchased the first edition. It is anticipated that the information contained in this Guide will be valid and applicable for a minimum of 18-24 months.

For information on how to order, request a sample, or get in contact with a fellow user of the NERC CIP Compliance Guide, contact Travis Emerson at or call 913-322-5404. Visit to find out how CRSI’s clients have found value in the Compliance Guide.

CRSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary security consulting firm of Corporate Enterprise Security, Inc.  CRSI specializes in NERC operational and CIP Compliance (693 and 706), as well as cyber and physical security solutions to the energy and government sectors. CRSI has provided consulting services to more than 100 electric utilities across all eight (8) NERC regions and is also under contract by NERC Regional Entities for Audit Support. For more information, contact: Trisha Breckenridge, Marketing Associate, 913-422-0410. Email: