`Tis the season for holiday scams, la la la la laaa la la la laaa.

Scams underway throughout Fremont County


Just in time for the holidays, the Riverton and Lander police departments issued scam alerts in their respective cities, both with countywide implications.

 “We have had several calls for service about unknown callers who will phone local people and claim to be their grandchild stating that they are out of the country and they need money because they are in the hospital or have been arrested,” said RPD Capt. Eric Murphy.  
 The scam goes like this: Usually the person who calls will wait for the resident on this end of the phone  to ask “Is this Shawn? Or Tommy? Or whatever their grandchild’s name is. Then the unknown caller will say yes this is ….(whatever the name is) and then they will convince the local person to send them money.“
 Murphpy said that this scam is  a very common  fraud and people need to be aware that is is till occurring,” Murphy said.

 In Lander, Police Chief Fred Cox said the LPD has also received a number of complaints about fraud attempts.  “If you are contacted by anyone requesting money for any reason, especially if they inform that you they need money or to get a relative out of jail in Mexico, these are scams and you should not respond,” Cox said.  He also said a Publishers Clearing House scam is going on.  

 “As the holiday season gets closer we expect to see more scams such as these, so please be careful,” Cox said.

 Any local resident with questions should call their respective police departments in either Riverton or Lander.