"The Art of Living with Marilu Henner" to feature the Flip-PalT mobile scanner

Coral Springs, FL - The producers of "The Art of Living with Marilu Henner" are pleased to announce that the Flip-PalT mobile scanner will be featured in an upcoming segment on topics, trends and issues related to "Key Essentials for Leading a High-Tech Lifestyle" as part of the show's Digital Lifestyle series. The five-minute Art of Living segment explores the patented flip-and-scan technology and provides viewers insight on the mobile scanner's wide array of uses.

Gordon Nuttall, CEO, and the team at Couragent developed the Flip-PalT mobile scanner to enrich lives through sharing of cherished memories, anywhere and anytime. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows a person to scan photos without removing them from the album or frame, which keeps them safely in place. Unlike other solutions that don't have the combination of mobility, accuracy, versatility and keeping the original safe, the battery-powered mobile scanner is compact, simple to operate, has high resolution, quick scan time, SD card memory and it is cordless-no computer is required. For larger items such as paintings and quilts, users can scan the object in sections and use the included Flip-PalT EasyStitch software to assemble them back together into a single image.

"Our Flip-PalT mobile scanner is ideal for those interested in scrapbooking, ancestry/genealogy, photography, the entire craft industry and really anyone with all sorts of objects, large or small, to scan," said Nuttall. "Our remarkable technology offers a great way to have fun and be creative with a convenient, reliable way to share memories with family and friends."

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