Accident at Work Claims Management Firm Offering Free Consultation on a 24x7 Basis

Accident at Work Claims Management Firm Offering Free Consultation on a 24x7 Basis

Accident at work free consultation number is now open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Cheshire based compensation claims management firm has opened a free consultation desk which is accessible via phone from all across the UK at no extra charges. The company specializing in workplace accident compensation claim cases has now come up with this free consultation desk to facilitate the unfortunate victims of workplace accidents. The company has well anticipated the growing need for free consultation of the millions of accident victims who are physically incapacitated and financially destabilized and looking for the proper legal path towards availing compensatory benefits. Their official website homepage now contains pertinent information on this free consultation service.

Accident at work claim, the claims management agency is an integral part of ULaw Limited, an all-round claims management firm nestled in Cheshire, England. Though the company is just one year two months old, it has already helped so many people in getting work accident compensation, compensation for industrial diseases and many more types of compensatory benefits. The solicitors empanelled by ULaw have 15 years of experience in dealing with these compensation claim cases. The claim managers have always put emphasis on winning 100% compensation.

Now what does this 100% compensation mean? A claim manager from the company was recently interviewed when he shed some light on how does the company perceive 100% compensation. In his opinion, many people do not even know that they can get compensation for financial losses and even mental setback that are generally consequences of accidents at work apart from obvious physically injuries. Also many people cannot tell apart a claims management agency and a solicitor firm which is why they cannot finally file compensation claims and lose their hope midway.

So what are the differences between a claims management firm and a work accident solicitor firm? The spokesperson from ULaw explained that the claims management companies assist the accident victims in filing claims in every possible manner. On the other hand, there are solicitors who either work independently or in firms to represent their clients in the courts. But a claims management firm is much more different than a solicitor firm. It acts as a meeting platform for solicitors and clients. Plus, these firms complete responsibility of paperwork and other associated works of filing an accident at work compensation claim.

This subsidiary company of ULaw Ltd primarily deals with factory accident claims and industrial; accident claims. The claims management firm has now opened this free consultation desk to let people gather information on how to file and win compensation claim.

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