DesignJet Refurbishes Its Website For An All New Look And Improved Features

The UK-based potter repair company DesignJet has revamped its website to improve style and navigability of the users.

DesignJet Solutions, one of the premier repair service providers of UK has changed the design of its website to stay updated with time. The company’s current website design is much more precise, and easily navigable for the users. With tabs consolidated and arranged serially, ergonomically and distinctly, the users will not have to look for them in different corners. The site has added a whole lot of colors to its new design to keep the website ambience positive, cheerful and assuring. Thus, people who are stuck in problem due to broken printers and seek plotter repair services will be mentally supported by the new design dress.

As technology is touching and changing lives every day, the use of smart and neat devices for both domestic and commercial purposes has increased. Plotters and printers are two of the external computer devices that have grown widely in use in the recent times. Knowing their high uses, plotter repair services are often sought. DesignJet is one of the most sought-after printer repair companies in UK. It is walking towards the limelight at a steady pace with its dependable and prompt services.

The new web design flaunts DesignJet’s newly acquired authorization with HP. On the right, the company’s contact number has been featured in big fonts so that users do not face trouble spotting it. Enquiries can now be made online by filling a brief query form featured in bright tangerine color at the bottom of the page. The site can also be recommended to a friend directly for Hp Printer repairs services by filling in the name and email address of the concerned person.

Among the addition of new features, the newsletter subscription is a major one. Now like its rivals, the company is offering its inside news to the interested visitors through newsletters that can be subscribed to, right through the site.  Terms and conditions of the company are again laid out under a tab at the bottom of the page.

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