Designjet Solutions to Offer Cloud Printing Troubleshooting Services in Near Future

Designjet Solutions is one of the top HP Designjet printer maintenance and serving company in the UK.

It seems UK printer troubleshooting companies have started giving serious thoughts to cloud printing. ‘Cloud printing’ as well as ‘cloud printing’ has been buzzwords in the world tech domain since 2008. Though researches were on before 2008 the terms became prominent only four or five years ago. Designjet Solutions, a well-known UK plotter repair firm have also joined the league now. The company has proclaimed of late that they are going to offer troubleshooting solutions for cloud printing in near future. This is because post-PC gadgets are fast replacing the good old computers and people are getting more used to print documents from distant and physically not connected devices.

The concept of cloud printing was generated with the emergence of new-age Smartphone products and other android gadgets. Top printer manufacturers of the world long sensed the growing need for cloud printing. The companies had rightly anticipated that the consumers are looking for seamless printing solutions on their handy gadgets.

Recently Vyomesh Joshi, the Executive Vice President in charge of IPG (Imaging and Printing Group) wing of HP was interviewed by Designjet Solutions. Mr. Joshi intimated that cloud printing is the tomorrow of modern day printing and it is fast becoming the convention. Designjet Solutions, the leading HP printer repairs company got the right message and are fast setting their goals and strategies accordingly.

Designjet Solutions initiated their plotter repair services back in 1996. The company has ever followed the standards set by Hewlett Packard religiously. As a reward, on today’s date, they are much sought-after across the UK when it comes to HP printer troubleshooting. When a company spokesperson was asked what exactly the recipe was for being successful for so many years, he asserted that religious adherence to HP standards and best customer service practices have helped them reach this far. He adjoined the fact that all of their technicians are HP certified and they are apt enough to handle any issue. And now they are getting geared up for offering cloud printing troubleshooting services to UK citizens.

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