Exciting Money-Saver Offers on Delectable Confections at Pryces

Pryces, the Walkden-based baker company is selling its confections at an exemption of £2of P&P charges till July, the 31st.

Baked products make great, health-friendly treats that are appeasing to the taste-buds by equal measure. With the whole of the United Kingdom waiting in anticipation to celebrate the grand opening of the Summer Olympics in its homeland, the citizens are in a spritely mood of jubilation. Taking advantage of the occasion, Pryces has introduced a bonanza that applies to all the baked foods and baking accessories. To give people the reason to make purchase of some of the tender cakes and luscious cookies, the bakery is offering a surprise reduction on its P&P charges.

P&P or Posting and Packing rates, which are charges that include the final bill amount are often the source of irritation for the payers as they unnecessarily inflate the net amount. The company has slashed off the charges by full £2. This gesture has been highly appreciated and widely responded to, by the informed, who are now showing a lot of enthusiasm and interest in making bulk purchase of cakes, muffins, edible cake decorations, accessories, and other similar products that usually demand a high P&P. Buyers can enjoy the discount on all products that are to be taken away from the store in parcel packs.

Regardless, prices of all food items and accessorizing commodities remain the same. However, the offer is limited to the date of 31st July, beyond which the offer will no longer be applicable. So, buyers who are willing to make a purchase of the succulent pastries or utilitarian baking accessories from the company can enjoy the charge relaxation until the end of this month. However, to make the prices economical and flexible for the purchasers, Pryces entertain bargains when things are claimed in bunches. Accessories like cupcake wraps, stands and edible decorations are offered at a price lower than that quoted on bulk purchase. Pryces’s gift hampers are also quite economic and profitable.

For more info on edible cake decorations, visit: http://www.pryces.com/