Pryces the Baker Offers a Bounty of Edible and Non-Edible Decorations to Accessorize Cakes

Pryces of Worsley offers a whole platter of cake accessories to garnish the delectable items.

Cakes and pastries do not require an occasion to prepare and feast on. One of the most loved food items to be present in weddings, family dinners, college fests and picnics, baked confections have always been a prime course in every celebration involving food in the UK. Pryces the Bakers have upheld this English tradition with its broad stock of baked items. Recently, the company has added edible cake decorations in its already lavish stock of baked items. Run by the confection-enthusiast duo Martyn and Joanne, Pryces have been one of the ace providers of baked foods in the area of Worsley.

The bakery has so far introduced only several cake decoration of which the ruby jelly flowers is the newest. Spectacular and yummy, these little flowers can be placed on all types of cakes, from muffins, butter cakes to grand several-tier wedding cakes. Made of home-made jellies, the items are sculpted out of freshly made, thick jellies. The flowers measure 20mm in size and can be placed in singles and multiples on cake tops to give it extra touch of garnish. The company is also a preferred source of baking accessories required for baking some of the delectable dishes. Other edible decorations available at the store are snip icing, swirl icing, ready-to-roll icing, baby feet, sugar flowers, party animals and little princesses.

Pryces offers cake wraps, cake stands, cake sets, toppers, cases and cookie cutters of different shapes and sizes. Cupcake cases sold at Pryces come in multiple vibrant colors like green, blue, yellow, red and heart printed. Multi-colored cases are also available in combination packs for buyers who like to maintain diversity in their layouts. Silver and golden foils are also added to the stock. Even though the company has only eight varieties of edible cake decorations so far, its collection of accessories has been overflowing with variety and quality stuffs.

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