M Street Homes For Sale In Dallas

Dallas Real Estate Store goes to historic M Streets

One of Dallas' trendiest neighborhoods will have a new face and residential brokerage firm assisting both sellers and buyers in their quest to sell or purchase in one of Dallas' most coveted areas - M Street homes.

The Dallas Real Estate Store and its Principal Broker, Jeff Knox, have recently taken aim at capturing the M Street market.  While this will be no easy task, Mr. Knox, firm advisors and company decision makers have planned a strong strategy which begins with recruiting leading M Street Realtors.  The plan is based on seeking those agents known to provide excellent customer service both before and after the sale of a property.  In order to lure the top agents, The Dallas Real Estate Store will offer both higher commission splits along with bonuses to top selling agents.  

Dallas' M Street homes range from those tutor & craftsman style homes built in the early 1900's to new construction.  The M Streets contain single detached homes, duplexes and multi-family dwellings. 

One of the premier locals in all of DFW, the M Streets provide easy access to dining, shopping, transportation, hotels, SMU, and downtown Dallas. 

Even during bad times in the real estate market, homes in the M Street area continue to hold their values well above the average area of Dallas-Fort Worth.  The reasons for higher property values in Dallas' M Streets stems from the high demand of buyers interested in the area. 

The Dallas Real Estate continues to garner excellent online reviews and Broker Jeff Knox says, "we are very proud of the reputation we have earned.  We will absolutely continue to offer the same level of customer services which have earned us that reputation."

Jeff Knox may be reached at 972-342-0000 or at 900 Jackson Street, Suite 650, Dallas, Texas 75202.