HPI Group Offers Tips to Prospective Homeowners

Newcastle, Ontario Canada April 25, 2012 – Home & Property Inspectors Groupof Newcastle, Ontario is pleased to announce a launch of blog on its website that will offer soon to be homeowners tips on manyhome improvement topics and things they may facewhen buying a home.

In the past, prospective homeowners have generally relied on advice of real estate agents, family, and friends any time they were looking for a second opinion on a home but did not want to hire a home inspector. The new blog on HPI Group’s website will answer questions and offer advice on the common problems that may be found in an aged home. Though most Canadians value the joy of home ownership, and strive to become homeowners as soon as they can, it’s important to be careful and properly inspect the property to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. However, most ask themselves, where do I start? 

It is the main question that new blog will try to address. Key areas to look for, tips on hiring the best inspector possible that’s within ones budget, and general home care tips that would become handy once the dream of homeownership is a reality.

According to a Home Inspection Oshawa branch media contact DanSmall, “HPI Group believes it’s about time to help educate the average home buyer in the area of Home Inspection.

Besides the traditional Home Inspection, HPI Group offers a wide range of services like infrared inspections, mold inspections, and radon inspection. The company provides up front estimates and never ads “surprise” charges at the end of the job. The HPI’s Blog launch date is May 1, 2012.

About HPI Group

HPI Group is a leading home inspection services provider in the Eastern Ontario area. They have extensive experience in residential construction and use latest technologies to identify various property problems. They also offer Home Inspections in Toronto.