Hiring a Private Investigator As An Expert Witness in New York City? 10 Question List Announced By Davis Investigations, Inc.

Before Hiring a Private Investigator to be an Expert Witness in NYC, Ask These 10 Questions First

New York, NY, - Davis Investigations, Inc. (web: davisinv.com), a top private investigator company specializing in video surveillance., is proud to announce the list of 10 questions to ask before hiring a private investigator as an expert witness in New York City for video surveillance to catch a cheating spouse or expose insurance, medical malpractice or personal injury fraud. The company employs expert private investigators to conduct legal & effective video surveillance on presumed cheating husbands or wives and medical medical malpractice fraud in the New York City metro area.

"Obtaining video is only half of a private investigators function on a video surveillance case" says Vice President and Licensed Private Investigator Jason Frasca. "Knowing the rules of discovery and making a great witness are critical to the success of the surveillance video having a positive impact on the case. Davis Investigations, Inc. compiled 10 questions to ask when hiring a private investigator in NY City to ensure they are expert witnesses. You don't want to find out the New York City private investigator has no experience testifying after video has been acquired, it will be too late as you will be forced to put them on the stand."

A private investigator specializing in video surveillance in New York City requires more than just knowing how to operate a video camera. Being well versed in trial procedures, assisting attorney clients in getting the video entered into evidence, your appearance on the stand, your ability to clearly communicate and ultimately making an excellent witness are all critical functions of a private investigator video surveillance expert. And while there are many courts in New York City, these functions of a private investigator expert witness hold true throughout all of New York City's 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx) and the rest of New York State as well, such as: White Plains in Westchester County, Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, Rockland, Orange, Putnam Counties up to Albany New York.

Davis Investigations has testified 100's of times throughout New York and Connecticut, usually to a defense verdict. For more information and to find out how you can take advantage of their experience as expert witnesses as private investigators, go to:


Why You Should Investigate Your Private Investigator to Maximize Results

Davis Investigations, Inc. 20+ years of experience as an expert private investigator specializing in video surveillance in New York City has not only led to the list of 10 questions you should ask before hiring a private investigator as an expert witness in New York City, but the understanding of what it takes to successfully conduct video surveillance in New York City. Whether the video surveillance be for a Medical malpractice claim, an insurance fraud or to catch a cheating spouse on video. Regardless if the video surveillance is in midtown Manhattan, the lower east side of New York City or the upper west side of NYC, video surveillance in the big apple is like no place else presenting unique challenges every day.

Maximizing results to acquire surveillance video is the primary objective of any video surveillance. To hire a private investigator in New York City with anything less than an expert knowledge of New York City will significantly compromise your video surveillance efforts from the start. Consider investigating your private investigator and ask the 10 questions to confirm your private investigator will make a great witness before hiring him / her for video surveillance to catch a cheating spouse or expose insurance fraud. Hiring the right private investigator in New York City is the first step in maximizing your results on video surveillance. Since a surveillance video in an insurance fraud or divorce settlement can be worth a million dollars or more, your initial investigation may be just as important as the video surveillance itself.

Why Video Surveillance Matters as a Tool To Catch a Cheating Husband or Wife

Husbands and Wives have extra marital affairs behind the backs of loved ones everyday. Regardless of whether the adultery originates in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County New York or Westport, Connecticut, all of these cheating spouses are creating an opportunity for the innocent honest wives and husbands to regain the upper hand in the marriage. How are the victims to take advantage of the infidelity?

Video Surveillance by a Private Investigator is one answer. A private investigator will confirm or dispel ones suspensions of a cheating spouse. If a private investigator does in fact confirm the suspected infidelity, a private investigator will document the extra marital affair and catch the cheating wife or husband on video.

Video Surveillance by a private investigator is extremely effective to catch cheating spouses having extra marital affairs too. To catch a wife cheating or a husband cheating on video by a private investigator is extremely valuable leverage when used for divorce negotiations in determining alimony. Who gets the house, vacation home, determining marital assets and most importantly custody of the children. Video evidence displays ones morals and character for all to see and judge. Nothing is more powerful than presenting video evidence captured by a private investigator to a judge or opposing attorney to backup your allegations. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Video Surveillance for Insurance Fraud by Private Investigators, and How You Can Save

Insurance carriers, hospitals, medical facilities and doctors, big box stores, retail stores all face lawsuits on a weekly basis. Regardless of whether the lawsuit originates in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens or any of the 5 Boroughs in New York, many of these law suits will have an element of fraud - personal injury fraud or medical malpractice fraud. How are companies to keep up?

Video Surveillance by a Private Investigator is one answer. A private investigator will provide answers as to the legitimacy of ones claim helping defense attorneys direction for the case. If a plaintiff is legitimate, defense counsel will proceed accordingly to minimize the insureds loss. However, if the video surveillance shows the plaintiff is committing insurance fraud, which is true upwards of 80% of all assignments in the New York Metro area, (New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, etc.) then the private investigator will capture the video evidence of the fraudulent activity on video. This video evidence will be used to negotiate settlements and win defense verdicts at a fraction of the original demand. Each video is worth approximately a million dollars saved to the insured.

About Davis Investigations, Inc.

Davis Investigations, Inc., a professional private investigator company specializing exclusively in video surveillance. Davis Investigations private investigators surveillance videos provide negotiating leverage in divorce cases from cheating spouses. Davis' investigators video evidence saves clients millions of dollars a year in fraudulent and exaggerated claims from insurance fraud, personal injury fraud and medical malpractice fraud. Our private detectives are experts in executing the most sophisticated surveillance techniques and the use of the latest high technology equipment including: High Definition (HD) video cameras, hidden video cameras, GPS tracking devices and other surveillance equipment. Davis' investigators are not just highly skilled at understanding human behavior to maximize surveillance success, but they are highly reliable and credible expert witnesses when testifying about our videos and observations; a critical point often overlooked when hiring a Private Investigator.

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