Decipher Creates Custom Research Panels for Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall (DHM) Research

Premier public opinion research and consultation firm works with Decipher to help clients engage their communities

PORTLAND, OR. - Decipher, a comprehensive market research services firm, today announced that it has been selected by DHM Research to develop custom online research panels. DHM Research will be using the panels to help public sector, nonprofits, foundations and universities engage and communicate with their respective communities. This is a new and innovative way of involving the public in improving key issues like K-12, growth management, infrastructure investments, and even Oregon's budget deficit. The goal is to get thousands of people who normally don't make it to traditional forums to join the panel and make a difference.

DHM Research is a Portland, OR based public opinion research and consulting firm which assists private, public, and non-profit clients with planning and decision-making. The non-partisan, independent company specializes in providing high-quality quantitative and qualitative public opinion research to advise in education reform, community planning and transportation, energy and natural resources, forest management, health, and public involvement.

Su Midghall, managing partner at DHM Research, said, "We've enjoyed working with Decipher in developing our panel services. We see them as a partner versus a vendor or service provider. It was important to have a dependable, quality firm support us through each important step. I know I can count on Decipher to provide that support."

Decipher specializes in combining state of the art tools and technologies with extensive knowledge and experience in respondent engagement. Decipher custom panels and online communities are fast, flexible, low-cost research tools for delivering powerful business insights. Each client's panel is a proprietary, targeted sample of customers or prospects that can be contacted anytime to enhance marketing programs and strengthen customer and constituent relationships. Decipher takes the traditional panel a step further through the creation of online communities catering to respondents who have common interests.

To join DHM's panel, go to