Decipher Releases New Interactive Dashboard for Reporting

Newly developed innovation in market research reporting provides user-control over data viewing

FRESNO, Calif. - Decipher, a comprehensive market research services firm, today announced the development of its new "interactive dashboard" which allows clients to view and manipulate their market research data on the fly. Like a standard reporting dashboard, the tool allows users to view important pieces of information through a clear visual medium. Decipher has taken the dashboard concept even further by giving the user control over the way the data is presented and combined.

"For most companies, creating their own reporting dashboards would be cost and time prohibitive, not to mention the technical expertise needed to develop these capabilities," said Ji Kim, SVP Data Management of Decipher. "Through this new suite of reporting tools we can deliver a customized, interactive dashboard to our clients through which they'll be able to view research results quickly and intuitively in an interactive reporting environment."

Decipher's interactive dashboard not only allows users to look at their data in any variety of combinations, but they can track projects and create "what if" scenarios. For example, Decipher can build a scenario for a client to project potential sales figures using predictive formulas for awareness. The interactive dashboard shows data via graphs, sliders, gauges and many more visuals depending on desired complexity.

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