Teeth Whitening In London Can Transform Your Smile

Transform Your Smile

If you feel fully confident in the appearance of your teeth and the whiteness of your smile, then this will lead to a general feeling of relaxation in all walks of life. Smiling at people is widely recognised as being one of the easiest ways of putting them at their ease, and knowing that your teeth are perfect will mean you smile so much more.

Wanting to have a smile which is as close to perfect as possible is no longer just some impossible dream restricted to those with huge disposable incomes. Whereas, in the past, a dental implantsclinic was a place you visited in times of need, such as when decay or infection were causing you extreme pain, it is now a modern, technologically advanced place offering an integrated all round service. As well as the standard treatments such as fillings and extractions, your local clinic now offers a broad range of aesthetic treatments which, when combined in the right manner, can lead to nothing more or less than a complete smile makeover. Often, the problems which are plaguing your smile will be limited to individual teeth. If a tooth is chipped or damaged, it can be covered with a porcelain veneer or, if it is missing altogether can be replaced with an implant. Often, however, the problems are more general in nature, with teeth being either crooked and overcrowded or discoloured. 

Greying teeth can be caused by a number of different factors. Food and drink such as red wine and coffee may stain the enamel over time, as does cigarette smoke, and sometimes the ageing process itself can lead to teeth becoming gradually less white. Indeed, some people are unlucky enough to have been born with a genetic tendency toward greying teeth. Modern technological advances, however, mean that it is possible to lift the brightness of your teeth by several shades using specially formulated teeth whitener. Whilst it is possible to buy bleaching products and apply them yourself at home, it is strongly advised that you attend teeth whitening clinics in London to access the treatment from highly trained professionals who will be able to advise exactly how to undertake the process. After all, these are very dangerous chemicals and, if not used correctly can cause illness or injury.

If you worry that the colour of your teeth is letting you smile down, then take advantage of the teeth whitening offered in London by visiting your nearest clinic. Your dentist will explain the treatment and show you exactly how many shades you can expect your teeth to be lifted. The actual process consists of bleaching agents being put into a custom made tray which is then fitted to your teeth. Once the dentist has demonstrated how to utilise the chemicals, you’ll be given your own supply and instructions as to how to apply them in the comfort of your own home. The frequency of the applications and the overall length of treatment will vary depending upon the exact nature of your condition. Some people opt to have their teeth turned dazzling ‘Hollywood’ white, whilst for others it’s merely a question of making them slightly brighter – throughout, the choice is yours. 

A smile you can be genuinely proud of will be a boon in both your personal and professional life. Feeling relaxed and comfortable with the way you look will mean that the people you interact with will be at ease in your company, and before you know it they’ll be smiling right back at you.

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