Digitas France Launches "Digitas Cloud" Proprietary Cloud Computing Platform For Digital Marketers.

Digitas Is First French Digital Agency To Launch Cloud Platform

Neuilly sur Seine — Digitas France launches “Digitas Cloud”, a new cloud computing platform customized for its clients .  

Today’s digital marketer is dealing with more data than ever before. With the collection of consumer insights and proprietary information growing at lightning speed, getting an agile and secured technological platform has become  top priority. That’s why Digitas France is launching Digitas Cloud, a new platform that offers advertisers a full suite of digital solutions, with all the software tools and services necessary to support a brand’s digital communications.

Arnaud Defrenne, Chief Technical Officer, Digitas France, says: "Between the industry’s rapid technological evolution and the need to create a global client experience on mobile and social channels, digital platforms have gotten more complex than ever before, with audiences growing at an unprecedented rate. Cloud Computing has become a necessity for navigating through this complexity. But Cloud technology now features so many tools and services, from website hosting to e-commerce transactions and more, that brands are finding themselves embroiled in a long process of choosing and piloting a large number of providers. Digitas Cloud will simplify this process for our clients, through a pre-selection of the best tools, as well as by managing all of the services, from set-up to maintenance, through content updates to performance measurement."

"Through the use of Digitas Cloud, digital marketers will now have available to them a cloud computing platform that is both flexible and customized to their audience needs. Our clients will benefit greatly from the increase in speed, the reduced costs, and full suite of features made available through this platform,” says Mathieu Morgensztern, CEO, Digitas France.

Digitas France is the first French digital agency to provide its own cloud computing platform.

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