Toronto branding agency Distility releases eBook exposé Brand Scammed!

Toronto branding agency Distility is proud to announce the release of the shocking exposé Brand Scammed! How To Avoid Buying the Wrong Branding Solution. Axle Davids, founder and CEO of Distility and inventor of Distility 1day1brand, said that he wrote Brand Scammed! to save marketers from being hurt by the most common branding abuses.

"Year after year, I continue to be shocked by the legions of brands damaged by the fast talkers and the slow movers, by the artistes and dilettantes" says Axle. "Just as painful is the self-inflicted abuse caused by the politicos, conformists and brand-washers inside firms today. If Brand Scammed! only saves a handful of marketers from such scams, then mission accomplished."

The book is a free resource that helps educate non branding experts on what precisely to look for when searching for branding solutions. To easily download this free eBook as well as to see the advance praise by marketing thought leaders like Al Reis, Saul Colt, and Mark Evans, please click here.

Axle is eager to talk to you about the massive branding challenges, and changes facing marketers today, as well as the role of branding technologies as Branding 2.0 finally emerges. To read more about why Axle wrote this resource please visit Rebranding Branding, the Distility blog.

To arrange a date and time for you and Axle to speak, please contact:
Andrew F Stewart at or 1.416.413.7777x3.