Aesthetic Surgery High Tech Qualifications And Sophisticated Care In A Relaxed Atmosphere

If you've never had a cosmetic procedure before, then you're probably full of concerns about choosing the right doctor for your first experience

If you've never had a cosmetic procedure before, then you're probably full of concerns about choosing the right doctor for your first experience. Aesthetic surgery today has become part of the routine care regimen for many, and Dr. Jay Calvert of RoxSpa, Beverly Hills, offers essentially all of the resources you're looking for in your personal upkeep. From reconstructive plastic surgery procedures to routine cosmetic alterations, Dr. Calvert has spent his life studying and developing the most current techniques for the satisfaction of his patients.

After achieving his Doctor of Medicine at the Cornell University Medical College, Dr. Calvert completed his post-graduate training in both general medical surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Philadelphia. Consistently honored as one of America's top hospitals, the University of Pittsburgh often leads the way in research and advancement of treatments. Association alone puts Dr. Calvert in a class defined by advanced practice and progressive thought. But Dr. Calvert himself has established his own progressive and successful techniques in tissue engineering and has developed the modern technique of rhinoplasty which ensures initial success. Also, in cases where a patient has been dissatisfied with the results from a previous plastic surgeon, his technique offers successful revision rhinoplasty by utilization of his education and his development of tissue engineering and bone regeneration techniques.

After completing his education and residencies, Dr. Calvert has achieved Board Certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and maintains this credential to ensure his patients can trust the process. Basically, these steps provide the knowledge to the patient that their doctor has completed universally approved residency training and has passed the rigorous written and oral specialty examinations required by his peers. Dr. Calvert is also an ongoing member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which requires that a practitioner be in at least the third year of active practice after receiving their board certification. The group also requires participation in Continuing Medical Education to ensure current standards of practice associated with developments in the field. Membership in the group additionally requires documentation of performance of a substantial number and array of cosmetic surgery cases for the purpose of demonstrating ample experience. Members are also sponsored by two other members to ensure that the doctor's reputation meets extraordinary standards.

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Dr. Calvert offers treatment to local and out-of-town patients, maintains locations in both Beverly Hills and in Newport Beach, California. The staff knowledgeably assists patients with their travel and accommodation needs.