Calif. Plastic Surgeon Becoming TV's Go-To Expert

His skills and expertise in the field of plastic surgery have made Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS, a well-respected surgeon among his peers

His skills and expertise in the field of plastic surgery have made Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS, a well-respected surgeon among his peers. But his unique approach to helping solve the physical and mental concerns of his patients is now earning him notice from outside the medical arena.

As one of most noted plastic surgeons in the nation, Dr. Calvert has become the go-to doctor for discussions of plastic surgery on some of the most popular television talk shows in the country.

How popular? How about The Oprah Winfrey Show? Or The Tyra Banks Show. Or Dr. Phil. Even television newsmagazine show "Inside Edition" has sought the expert opinion of Dr. Calvert on matters of plastic surgery.

Perhaps it is his compassionate approach to cosmetic surgery that has made Dr. Calvert a popular choice for talk show seeking to enlighten their audience about the procedures.

"It takes a compassionate surgeon to understand your concerns and to answer your questions," he says. "My goal is to create a brighter, natural look so my patients appear as a younger version of themselves."

That unique concern was evident during Dr. Calvert's appearance on The Tyra Banks show last year, when he took the stage with one of his patients, Jennifer, who had recently undergone an extensive nasal reconstruction operation after the tip of her nose was bitten off. Dr. Calvert explained the process to the rapt audience in easy-to-understand terms, how he first reduced the size of her nose size by performing a standard reduction rhinoplasty, which resulted in excess skin, which was then transferred to the tip of her nose along with cartilage grafts from her ears to help create the inner part of her nostrils.

The appearance and reaction of the grateful patient made clear Dr. Calvert's combination of compassion and skil. Indeed, the title of the show, "How I Changed My Life", was a testament to not only the transformative nature of plastic surgery but to the skill of Dr. Calvert.

Earlier this year on the Dr. Phil show, a victim of a botched operation, Sandra, appeared to recount her horrific tale. In her story, her family doctor recommended that she have both breasts removed because lumps she found in them 20 years ago could possibly become malignant. On the day of her surgery, she contends, the doctor assigned to the operation, who had reportedly never performed any mastectomy surgeries, had allegedly been drinking earlier in the day. After the operation, when the bandages were removed, Sandra said she was horrified at the results, stating, "They were red, swollen, one side was really riding high. I felt extremely mutilated."

She underwent 19 reconstructive surgeries, she said, but the scars ran much deeper than the surface. "I can't get over what has happened to me. My breasts may never be normal again."

Later, Dr. Calvert is introduced by Dr. Phil and the two discuss Sandra's plight on the air.

Dr. Phil: "Dr. Calvert, you've looked at the pictures and you've seen what's happened. She has not been brought back to a point that is reasonable to get to, correct?"

Dr. Calvert: "Absolutely. There's a long way to go before she really gets a result that any of us would say, `This is a great result. The types of techniques that are needed right now are really very specialized, and there has to be a multiple-operation approach."

To the surprise of the audience and Sandra, Dr. Phil informs her that Dr. Calvert has offered to perform the corrective surgery for her.

"Dr. (Drew) Ordon (from the television medical talk show "The Doctors") and I have talked about your case," Dr. Calvert tells Sandra, "and we really believe that we have all of the techniques that you need to get there, but it does take a lot of follow up, and it takes you understanding your part in the reconstruction."

"You're on your way back, girl!" Dr. Phil tells a grateful Sandra.

Compassion and skill. It's making Dr. Jay Calvert a household name.

Dr. Calvert is a board-certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and serves the Beverly Hills, Orange County and Los Angeles area. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on plastic surgery and has presented his techniques at national and international conferences. Patients interested in learning more about Dr. Calvert can visit his website,