Duban Sattler

Employing a team of highly trained Certified Public Accountants, Duban Sattler & Associates, performs all aspects of income tax planning.

The Los Angeles-based accounting firm Duban Sattler and Associates, LLP, and its sister company, Sattler Duban Capital Management, LLC, are the brainchild of Dennis L. Duban and Troy L. Sattler. Mr. Duban founded his own accountancy firm in 1979, and partnered with Mr. Sattler in 2005. Since then, the two have built Duban Sattler into a premier enterprise, offering its clients assistance with business management, payroll, and auditing services, as well as tax planning and return preparation. Sattler Duban Capital Management provides services in insurance and investment management, retirement planning, estate and trust solutions, and general wealth management.

Duban Sattler and Associates’ extensive knowledge of tax law across the country, as well as regulations, judicial precedents, and rulings, allow it to effectively represent its clients during audits. Duban Sattler strives to keep its clients abreast of developments in tax law, and meets with them regularly to discuss financial strategies for reducing tax burdens and minimizing expenditures. The firm retains a limited number of clients, as it strives to provide them with the highest level of service and dedication. New clients are taken on only through a controlled referral system, allowing the team at Duban Sattler plenty of time to sufficiently understand the needs of these newcomers. All aspects of the client’s finances are scrutinized in order to provide holistic solutions. Duban Sattler strives to create a nurturing environment for clients as well as employees, ensuring an attentive staff that provides exemplary service to clients.

Troy Sattler graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and first began his career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at a family firm. He joined Duban’s accountancy firm in 1999. Sattler possesses years of experience in business planning, insurance service, and investment management and also works as a financial advisor. Dennis Duban is a summa cum lade graduate of the University of Southern California, and an expert in the tax aspects of estate planning, real estate, construction and development, and the entertainment industry.