An Entrepreneur's Story: Changing a Life

Author: Kip Marlow

In high school Jason Campbell had a “rocky” academic record.  In fact, he went to three different high schools and lived in several foster homes.

Then he met a serial entrepreneur, who turned Jason’s life around.  How did he do it?  With entrepreneurship!  Jason’s confidence and self-esteem were at an all-time low, so his new mentor encouraged him to start a construction site cleaning company.  Although difficult, Jason jumped at the chance and became a successful entrepreneur during his high school years.

His academics improved greatly and his confidence zoomed.  All because of his successful business. Jason always wanted to be a Marine, but finally had the confidence to enlist. On the day he left for the Marine Corps, he got a letter from the President of the United States commending him on his academic achievements.
Becoming an entrepreneur was a life changer for Jason; it could be for you too.