Entrepreneurs Club Radio: Create That Army of Entrepreneurs!

Author: Kip Marlow

"If Entrepreneurship is the engine of the American economy, why isn't the same emphasis placed on it in our K through 12 schools as Math, English, and Science? If we are serious about creating jobs, and putting the American economy back on track, this is a no brainer. We need to create an army of entrepreneurs! We need to teach it in our schools!"

The quote above is by Anthony Delmedico in his speech at the White House conference on the Future of Entrepreneurship Education.  Anthony went further by placing a petition on his Facebook page to the President and Secretary of Education asking for entrepreneurship studies, as a core curriculum starting in the fourth grade.  Mr. Delmedico strongly believes entrepreneurship education is as important as math, English, and science.

He couldn’t be more right!  If we want to create future entrepreneurs and develop that eventual army of business owners, then starting entrepreneurial education in the fourth grade makes sense. Mr. Delmedico started his first company at 10 years of age, and thinks it gave him the confidence to be successful later in life.  He now owns Abelard Construction with eleven offices around the country.

In a recent radio interview, Mr. Delmedico explained how vital this is to our future economy.

Listen here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45333501/Anthony%20Delmedico%2C%20starting%20his%20first%20business%20at%2010%20March%205%2C%202012.mp3