Entrepreneurs Club Radio Tip: The 3 R's of Customer Service

Author: Kip Marlow

All of us can tell horror stories about poor customer service.  The large corporations are the biggest offenders, with absolutely awful customer support.   However, many of us in small business are often guilty of poor service as well, and we are the ones that absolutely can’t afford to take our clients for granted.

Good customer relations start at the top of any organization
and filters through the company ecosystem. The company owner should set the tone reminding all the employees not to forget how they get paid.  Hint: it’s not
from the company, it’s from the customer.

Marvin Montgomery, The Sales Doctor has some definite opinions on the importance
of service.  He counsels companies daily on the value of good customer support. 

Here are his three R’s of excellent customer service:

  1. Good service gets repeat customers

  2. Good service gets referrals

  3. Good service gets requests

In a recent Entrepreneurs Club Radio interview, Mr. Montgomery, elaborates:

Listen here: