Entrepreneurs Club Radio Tip: The 3 Secrets of Success

Author: Kip Marlow

February 13th, 2012

Jason Kintzler founded Pitch Engine just over three years ago and has already signed up 45,000 clients.  He claims to be just scratching the surface, because most companies don’t know they need it.  As Jason says, “When Henry Ford asked people what they wanted, the answer was faster horses.” He knows that his business will grow exponentially as companies accept this new way of getting the word out.

When Jason, 34, was interviewed on the Entrepreneurs Club Radio program, he was asked his secret of success.  He has three.

  1. Be grounded, and be authentic.  This Wyoming native knows how true this really is.
  2. Be different. Challenge the status quo and think “outside the box”.
  3. Work hard.

Please listen to this short interview.