Entrepreneurs Radio: Hiring and the Wonderlic Test

Author: Kip Marlow

February 28th, 2012

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs believe their secret to success is recruiting the right people.  Bob Shearer, founder of Shearers Foods says that you have to “find the right lid for the can”.  However, it  sounds easier than it seems.

In a recent Entrepreneurs Club Radio interview with Kip Marlow, Charlie Wonderlic of the famous Wonderlic test says that recruiting the right people is about the whole process, not just the testing.  Small business owners need to identify their real needs then test to right skills.

Charlie cautioned business owners to understand that this process, including the test, may be the most inexpensive cost in their expense statements.  The cost of testing may be in the hundreds of dollars, but the wrong hire will cost thousands.

Please listen to this short edited interview with Mr. Wonderlic.