Networking's Next Level: The 24 Hour Rule

Author: Kip Marlow

February 6th, 2012

Have you ever been upset with a customer, client or supplier?  Most of us have.  In today’s world of fast communication, especially by email, we have all been known to answer back with a little too much emotion. When this happens we tend to say or write the wrong thing.  Once we write it and push that “send” button, our message can’t be reversed.

When young and upset, our parents used to tell us to hold our breath and count to ten.  Today we have to use the 24 Hour Rule.

Tony Stastny, of the Next Level Workshop, is an expert on networking strategies.  In a recent radio interview, Tony talked about how to implement the 24 hour rule, and an incredible story of an email gone awry. 

Listen here.