On Networking: Watch Out for Vitamin Man


December 22nd, 2011

Networking, one of the small business owner and entrepreneur’s main tasks, develops new business and lots of contacts. There are three types of networkers who should be avoided:

First, the “SITTER” is someone who goes to a meeting and just sits alone.  He doesn’t have confidence in himself, or his products.  Second, the “COLLECTOR” collects a bunch of business cards in order to put people’s name and email addresses into his computer, and then sends unsolicited email advertisements.

 Finally, the biggest turnoff is the “PUSHER” who is to be avoided at all cost.  He constantly pushes his product on you claiming to know exactly what you need, when he doesn’t. He is un-affectionately known as the vitamin man.

Tony Stastny of The Next Level Workshop is an expert on these types of networkers.  He was recently interviewed by Kasey Marlow and Kip Marlow on Entrepreneurs Club Radio.  Listen to Tony talk about “Vitamin Man” in this short edited audio.