Small Business Mindset: The Wakeup Call

Author: Kip Marlow

Tony Bass, landscaper and inventor of the Super Lawn Truck got a wakeup call that most people would never forget.  While managing his landscaping company, near tragedy struck.

Two employees were driving one of his trucks with a trailer attached along a Georgia highway.  The highway was next to a heavily fortified Air Force base.  Suddenly the trailer broke away from the truck and went through the Air Force Base perimeter fence.
Tony’s employees rushed to the scene but were greeted by security forces with M16 rifles.  All ended up well in Georgia that day, but to Tony it was his wakeup call.  It inspired him to invent a landscaping truck that had no trailer.

Tony not only invented it, but now holds two patents on it, and is selling it in 42 states. All because of a very loud wakeup call.

When you have a wakeup call, use it as an inspiration and make something happen.