Superhero Customer Service: Save A Customers Day

"I didn't answer the hotel's wakeup call. (I was already up.)
So the front desk manager sent someone to knock on my door.

That simple extra service is the difference between a horrible experience (like missing an important meeting) or saving a customer's day.

Kudos to Tyler and the other folks at Chip Conley's Avatar Hotel.

Do you have a plan to save the day? It's simpler than you think?"

I love this blog from Alltop because I had an experience around 8 years ago where I was flying out of Orlando and I made a wake up call for 5:00 AM at the hotel airport and if it wasn't for my cell phone's alarm clock, I would have missed my flight, due to lack of receiving a wake up call. When I confronted the desk clerk, I received the look of "That's your problem, not mine."

If I ever fly out of Orlando again will I stay there?
Probably not.

It's all about customer service. And that ladies and gentleman, is in any industry of business.

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